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Welcome to our "Phoenix based painting company" Pro Tech Painting LLC. Over the last twenty years we have emerged as one of the top 5 painting contractors in Arizona. We are committed to quality that is long lasting, and service that is second to none. Our staff is committed to getting the job done right the first time. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our reputation is built on using high quality long lasting materials at your home or workplace. We also offer a variety of specialty coating products including Elastomeric coatings and Epoxy coatings.

We cater to clients throughout Arizona executing every painting project with precision. We accept interior, exterior, commercial and residential painting projects. Our highly trained  staff works hard to ensure 100% customer satisfaction while  utilizing the best paints and coatings available. Pro Tech Painting also offers free professional color consultation for your upcoming painting project.

Commercial Painters in Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Glendale, Avondale, Goodyear, and Scottsdale:

Our Commercial Painting crews are professional, fast and efficient. Over the years we have developed many quality control techniques that insure your property receives a cost effective long lasting professional service you can count on. We paint Apartment complexes, H.O.A. communities,  and office complexes. 

Residential Phoenix Painting:

We have a reputation of quality and customer satisfaction that is second to none. Over the last 20 years we have painted over 3,000 valley homes and counting. Each customer is guaranteed to have a satisfying experience. 

Interior Painting Arizona

Trained professionals at Pro Tech AZ painting are thorough about their job and complete their work on time. All furniture from your interior is moved and electrical outlets and switches removed. Drop cloths are always used to keep your interiors protected. After each day of working we leave your place neat and cleaned.  

1) Scrape and remove all loose and flaking paint.
2) Caulk and repair all holes and cracks.
3) Mask and cover all surfaces not receiving paint.
4) Prime all surfaces prior to painting. ( when priming is required)
5) Use only premium quality interior paint for each project.

Exterior Painting:

1) We power wash using powerful water jets are used for removing layers of dirt, fungus, and mildew from exterior walls. 
2) Scrape and remove all loose and flaking paint.
3) Caulk and repair all holes and cracks.
4) Mask and cover all surfaces not receiving paint.
5) Prime all surfaces prior to painting. ( when priming is required)
6) Apply two coats of high quality exterior paint with guaranteed professional quality coverage.

Our staff is always available to assist you in discussing your painting and coating needs. Pro Tech Painting LLC is AZ's premier home painter company and we are available for all projects large and small. Call or email us to have a  discussion on how to make your premises look new all over again. 

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A Couple of Reasons Why hiring Pro Tech Painting, LLC is a Great Choice

House and facility painting may seem like a simple task. Seriously, what’s so hard about taking a bucket of paint and applying it to a wall? Of course, after hours of doing so in the sun, realizing that every shoulder/wrist/elbow joint does exist and screams murder after hours of a lifting a roller handle, and that stucco doesn’t paint smoothly, one gets a new appreciation for what it takes to perform a bit of house-painting in a day.

Fortunately, there are a number of methods and tools that can be used, some requiring more steps than others, but professional skill can make a snap of the process on most jobs. Here’s how they work:

• The paint brush method – Okay, aside from Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn days, nobody paint washes their house anymore with a paint brush. That might just qualify as cruel and unusual punishment. Then again, it might be just the ticket for an unruly child who needs some discipline over the summer.

• The roller brush method – This approach is a bit more efficient in Awhautuke AZ but one does have to have the right equipment and technique. First off, basic rollers won’t work on textured homes. Stucco requires a brush that will go into the crevices and pits. Vinyl and wood require the ability to fill gaps. A deep foam roller or lambskin roller will work far better but they do have their limitations as well. Plus one needs to slow down the application, or all the paint will splatter and fall down on the painter. There’s nothing worse than holding a 15 foot roller handle and suddenly getting a drop of paint in the eye. It’s a sad ballet of stumbling, falling equipment, and paint everywhere but on the house, not the way to make the wife happy either.

• Jet spray or hose spray-painting – Now a paint job is working in the big leagues. The home outer surface does need to be prepped with windows taped off, doors covered, and the ground area cleared. However, this approach will definitely paint most surfaces with a penetrating reach. The coat will be thin however, so a couple coats may be needed to really provide a new layer of protection.

Of course, a good house or facility paint job doesn’t just happen because of the right equipment and tools. One needs a reliable crew as well. Now, while there are some stingy folks out there who believe their family members are a modern-day legal form of forced labor, house-painting is not a recommended use for such resources. In fact, doing so is a probably a good way to cause more damage, trigger grounds for a divorce, and cause the kids to remember how much they hated chores for the rest of their natural born lives (seriously, they do remember these things in adulthood.)

A good crew will have a very good understand of how paint works, how fast it dries outside under different temperatures, and how a long a job should take. Especially in Arizona, where most work is taken care of in the morning, timing really matters before the afternoon heat kicks in. An efficient crew will have a house taped very quickly, and the first and possibly second spray coating will be completed before lunch. That said, bad crews can go quick too, so quality is what makes a big difference in the durability of the paint job when finished.

The quality of the paint used will have a big impact on the finish of the job as well as how long it lasts. House paint for outside needs to be designed for exterior use. This is because it is exposed to the elements to a far higher degree than interior paint. Sun, wind, debris, rain, moisture and even bugs have an ongoing cost on a paint layer, eventually wearing it down over time. A good paint job can last for years without needing an update. Poor paint will show its deficiencies very quickly, a bit like a bad paint job on a car.

Finally, Chandler Arizona cleanup matters a lot as well. Painting can be a messy job, even on the outside of a house or facility. The efforts and time taken on prep work really come together and show when it comes time to finish and do the clean-up work. Sloppy technique and cutting corners will frequently contribute to bad edge work, missed areas, mismatched paint, and overspray. A professional job done right won’t have any of these issues. Instead, a homeowner will be presented with a freshly-painted house that almost looks new again, at least the areas painted. Sorry, that doesn't include the landscaping. House painters and planting don't mix well.

When all is said and done, a good facility or housepainting job should shine like a gem in the neighborhood, being augmented when the sunrise and sunset occur and the outside light has even more color than normal.

So, yes, one could try to take on a facility or housepainting job by himself, but it's not recommended. There's a lot of work involved in doing so, there's a lot of time and effort needed, and it can be physically demanding. Further, Arizona weather is extremely dry and warm, as most residents know, which also contributes to paint drying very fast. Without good technique, an amateur could end up spending a lot more on paint than necessary just trying to apply a good coat before the paint dries out. Not to mention, a professional paint job can also save a business owner or homeowner from a lot of physical discomfort and body aches for days later, not to mention paint in the eye, falling equipment, and ladder accidents. All of those possibilities can be painful and are avoidable as well. Think about it: the cost of a broken leg from a ladder fall is far more expensive than the cost of a professional paint job.